Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hill’s Campaign Song Has Denver Roots

As many of you know (and DCN has been clueless about for months), presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, ditched the lame Celine Dion “You and I” song choice that her fans selected as her campaign theme and opted for a hipper option, “Blue Sky,” by Denver rock band, Big Head Todd and the Monsters (pictured left).

Smart choice, Hill, as the Rocky Mountains will host the Democratic National Convention and this song choice will likely help your campaign rally some local momentum.

If DCN were in charge of song selection, here’s what the candidates’ campaign songs would be:

Hillary Clinton could stump with a girl power song and choose No Doubt’s “Just a Girl.” You go girl – prove to the ladies of the world that it’s possible to break that glass ceiling!

Barack Obama, who continues to lament that race is not a part of his campaign even though it is, should channel some vintage Michael Jackson and change his theme song to “Black or White.”

John McCain should choose a relatively unknown song by Colin Rudd called “Old Man’s Song.” Check it out on YouTube if you’re not familiar with it:

And last but not least, Ralph Nader’s campaign song should be, most obviously, “You’re Never Gonna Get It” by En Vogue. Now if only he’d gotten the memo.

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Darren said...

I think I speak for everyone, especially the Healthiest Man in Park Slope, when I say that she would have been better off choosing a really great Samples hit, like Did You Ever Look So Nice, Feel Us Shakin', or Nothing Lasts For Long.