Tuesday, April 8, 2008

DCN's Birthday Wish

In honor of DCN’s official birthday – which is today – I’m asking for my loyal readers to give me the gift of comments.

There are only two readers that continually leave me comments:

One, my dear hubby, Darren. He also has a blog. It’s mostly pics of our family – but we’re happy to share a glimpse of the glamorous life with all of you.

Two, my friend Ben Westhoff, aka, MC401(k), who pens The Healthiest Man in Park Slope blog. Don’t mind his blog too much – it’s his shameless attempt to post pictures of hot women and drone on about Sex in the City’s John Corbett, one of his favorite obsessions. Oh, and he also writes about the music scene.

Remember, you can show love to me and my blog by leaving comments.

Oh, and in a greedy attempt to further my plea, please send me story ideas/tips too.

Happy Un-Birthday to All AND Happy Birthday to Me!


Darren said...

I've been outted - I'm no longer just DCN's hubby. Great - now the paparazzi are going to stalk me. So much for my anonymity. It was fun while it lasted. I guess I can't walk around naked in public any more without everyone walking up to me and saying "Hi, Darren." Thanks for blowing my cover, DCN.

Resource Planning said...

DCN, first and most importantly HAPPY birthday. Although I don't comment on your postings, I just wanted you to know that I am a loyal reader as I to am "obsessed" with celebrity news. Hope you have a great day.

Johann said...

Hey DCN,

Longtime reader, first time commenter. Listen, happy birthday! I look forward to many more postings on Tim Allen, Airwolf's Jan-Michael Vincent, and many other celebrities from the Denver area.

Bess said...

This is your official gift. Happy birthday!!

Is there any way to tie ANTM in to Denver? Because I love that show. A lot.