Monday, April 21, 2008

Cavallari to Co-Star in Indie Flick with Bruce Willis's Daughter

Denver native and MTV’s Laguna Beach babe, Kristin Cavallari (pictured right), has announced that she will be co-starring alongside strange comedy man, Rob Schneider, and Die Hard daughter, Rumer Willis, in a new indie film, Wild Cherry.

The 5’2” it-girl reality star was born in Colorado and lived here until her parents divorced. Her dad moved to Laguna Beach and her mom moved to Illinois, where she lived for awhile before she decided to move to Laguna Beach and live with her father.

Wild Cherry has all the makings of a bland chick-flick. It’s about a high school senior who plans to lose her virginity to her football player boyfriend but finds out the guy is only using to her to brag about it in the football team’s “bang book.”

Shooting for the film begins in Winnipeg, Canada, on May 7. Bang! Bang!


Ben Westhoff said...

I assume Rumer plays the bangable high school student. Does that mean Cavallari plays her mom?

Darren said...

I agree with ben blogger-hoff. There's no way Rob Schneider gets the hottie... does he? Ah man, now I've definitely got to check out this riveting film to find out. The curiosity is killing me!!!!

Anonymous said...

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