Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another Colorado Bachelorette Desperate for Love

DCN shamefully didn’t do all her homework in her initial report on The Bachelor, London Calling. In addition to Noelle Drake on this season’s reality crapshoot, there is another hometown desperado in the bunch.

Chelsea Wanstrath (pictured), a phama rep and leading lady wannabe, is from Durango. Both Noelle and Chelsea are still in the running to win Brit Bachelor’s heart.

DCN must admit that she does not watch the show. But maybe she’ll set her TiVo to give you more interesting commentary next week. Then again, maybe not.

Anyone watch the show and willing to write a blog entry about Noelle and Chelsea?


Darren said...

I'm disappointed in you, DCN, for not reporting on this hot news story sooner. And I thought you had your pulse on the Durango scene...

Anonymous said...

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