Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Another Dogg Story with Colorado Connection

This is sort of a strange story that posted today from gossip gurus, TMZ.

Apparently, rapper James D. Jenkins, known as Millennium Child, filed a lawsuit in Colorado earlier this week against Snoop Dogg (pictured). Jenkins claims that Dogg stole the “music strings” in one of his songs. In the documents filed, Jenkins stupidly says, "I had hand Ice Cube manager 1 tape ... From there I don't know how Calvin Broadus [Snoop's real name] got a hold of it. The tape." That’s just silly talk!

DCN has reviewed the court documents and Jenkins doesn’t seem to be asking for any monetary damages. He says just wants “a copy of all document releated to this case.” (spelling errors intential). Check out the scribbled court documents for yourself:


Darren said...

Chalk up April 9th to all the dogs. Kudos to DCN for finding a theme and sticking to it.

Say, didn't they used to have a news segment on Wednesdays when we grew up that showcased a dog on TV that you could adopt from the shelter? That would have really sealed the deal if you could have found a celeb getting a dog that day. Oh well.

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