Sunday, May 4, 2008

Elway Carries a Purse?!?

Spirited radioshowmen, Lewis and Floorwax of The Fox, love to dish on QB great, John Elway (and so does DCN).

This one's good: A listener sent the radio duo a photo of Elway holding a purse at the Nuggets playoff game last week. Very stylish purse, Elway!

DCN is fairly certain that is the purse of his girlfriend, Paige Green, who is in front of him (she's wearing a long scarf).

Guess it goes to show that even if you're the most famous man in Denver, even if you have your own restaurant, and even if you're wearing two Superbowl rings ... you still have to hold your girlfriend's purse.

Photo credit: Sleepy Weasel Entertainment, 303.660.3680

1 comment:

Darren said...

Don't get any ideas here, DCN. I ain't carrying no ones pursue! I draw the line at carrying the diaper bag. :)